Mortgage facts to know before you buy this spring

General Billy Dionysakopoulos 23 May

Buying a home can be a really exciting time, so the last thing we want is for you to be hit by any surprises. Let’s take a look at five things to keep in mind before you write an offer. Get your mortgage in place before you write an offer. Meeting or speaking to an Read More

Stuck In a High Rate 10 Year Fixed Mortgage?

General Billy Dionysakopoulos 19 May

With low rate offerings over the past several years and a struggling economy, some homeowners chose to lock into a longer term mortgage even if the interest rate was a bit higher. If you are one of those people who feel stuck in a high rate 10 year fixed mortgage you may be wondering if you have options. The answer is YES.

Let’s consider the case of Dan and Anita who own a home and refinanced their mortgage 8 years ago into a 10 year term. They wanted to consolidate their high interest credit cards and their mortgage into one lower monthly payment and be secure with that monthly payment for as long as possible. Read More


Emotional Homebuyers Can Lose Out On the Best Deals

Mortgage Tips Billy Dionysakopoulos 18 May

Buying a home is a big financial decision, but also an emotional experience. Before we’ve explored every room, we often start imagining our new lives there.  The majority of us are guilty of this. We think about where our furniture will go. The parties we’ll host in the open-concept living-dining space. The mornings we’ll spend at the breakfast bar overlooking the garden or skyline… When a home speaks Read More